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Ann Arbor Health, Safety, and Campus Experience Fund

This fund will support the costs associated with extensive testing, tracing, and protective equipment to keep U-M safe. It will also support the effort to deploy innovative, high quality, hybrid-adaptive course content for thousands of U-M courses.


Ann Arbor COVID-19 Student Support Fund

Gifts to the COVID-19 Student Support Fund will be used to provide support to students across all areas of the University of Michigan for both emergency funding and financial aid in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


UM-Dearborn Immediate Relief COVID-19 Fund

To support critical and immediate funds for students as they navigate hardships created by the global health crisis.


UM-Flint Student Affairs Opportunity Fund

Support will provide for students who are experiencing unforeseen challenges and emergencies threatening their ability to remain enrolled and progressing toward graduation. Examples include cost of rent, food, medical care, and transportation.


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