Stomp Out Sarcoma

Stomp Out Sarcoma


Stomp Out Sarcoma

Team Kathy

Thank you for supporting Team Kathy and the University of Michigan Sarcoma Clinical Research Fund. This fund is used to help better understand this disease and find more effective treatments for those who have sarcoma. Help us...STOMP OUT SARCOMA...for good!

Kathy was diagnosed with Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma in May of 2009.  She fought hard for three years, but she lost her battle in April of 2012.  From the beginning, Kathy was determined to fight.  Initally we were told she had three months, but she proved everybody wrong!  She endured things that no person should have to endure, but she did it with grace, courage and strength. 

I know Kathy would want to help others going through what she went through, and that is why we walk.  We walk in memory of Kathy and all the others who have lost their battles with sarcoma, in honor of the warriors who are currently fighting, and in praise for the survivors!  Sarcoma is a rare cancer that affects children and adults, but many people have never heard of it and it doesn't get enough funding.  We are trying to raise awareness and money for research.  We need to Stomp Out Sarcoma!!

Thank you so much for your donation! 

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